This programme is for individual use only. It is to only to be used by the registered user / member.  The System monitors all log on devices and locations and will “Red Flag” unusual use.   This TOP GUN Training System is designed for individual viewing and use only. Your membership may not be shared with another user and videos may not be viewed by a group (ie. more than one person at a time) without the express permission of TOP GUN Business Academy. It is covered by international Copyright Laws and the Copyright Amendments Act 1986. Provisions of the Copyright Amendments Act 1986 allow for penalties for individuals of up to 5 years imprisonment and $50,000 fine per offence. Corporations face fines of up to $250,000 per offence. It is prohibited to copy this video or any materials associated with it, sell or hire infringing copies, have infringing copies in your possession for any purpose. This programme is for private viewing only and must not be screened to a group or screened in public. These videos, handouts and all Intellectual Property can not be used for training or coaching purposes where you or your company receives payment in any form, without the express permission of the Copyright Owner.

US$10,000 REWARD

A Reward of US$10,000 will be paid for information leading to a successful conviction of any person or corporation found to have violated the copyright restrictions which prohibit allowing any person other than yourself to log on to your account. Contact TOP GUN Business Academy +61 3 9521 0500 for details.