This is a Key Note or Workshop Presentation by Wayne Berry

Programme Objective

To inspire, to motivate and to provide people with practical “how to” ideas and strategies, that they can use immediately to create the success they desire, in both their professional and personal lives.
This is one of Wayne Berry’s most requested 1 to 1.5 hour key note address and is also available as a 3.5 hour seminar.

Programme Style

Wayne Berry is a man with a great deal passion and energy. He has the ability to inspire your people to become all they can be, and to take action to achieve their goals and your company’s goals. He speaks from experience and while his message is very simple and practical, it is also very profound. Audiences find him very warm, sincere and easy to relate to, because he does speak from experience, and he doesn’t pretend to be anything he is not.

Who Will Benefit From This TOP GUN Presentation

This presentation is suitable for;

  • Managers
  • Sales People
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing People
  • Support Staff
  • Administration Staff
  • Anyone employed or self employed in business who wants to achieve more

Programme Structure and Content

Your presentation will be tailored to create the specific outcomes that you have in mind for your audience. This is achieved through a thorough briefing with Wayne Berry prior to your event.

Here are some of the subject areas which Wayne normally addresses:

  • How to develop the 10 skills that will make you a Top Gun in Sales
  • Why it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, and why all that matters is where you are going now
  • Why taking 100% responsibility for where you are now is the first step to achieving your full potential
  • Why taking 100% responsibility for where you want to be is the second step to achieving your full potential
  • Why we’ve got to get serious about our goals
  • Why making a commitment to yourself is the most important commitment we make
  • Why we need to embrace change rather than fear change
  • Why we need to beware of the “Dream Stealers” in life
  • Why “Un-Reasonable Friends” are the best friends to surround ourselves with
  • Why clearly defined “SMART” goals are so important
  • Why Balanced Goals are so important to long term success
  • How to use “Reverse Engineering” to create your game plan for the achievement of your goals
  • How to define the resources you need for the achievement of your goals
  • How to get a Mentor or Coach who will drive you to achieve your goals
  • Why you should take “Rich People” to lunch
  • Why you should invest time, energy and money in own your own future development
  • How to take action on your plans and move towards your goals
  • Why “FOCUS” is so important and will accelerate your success
  • Why it’s important to “CELEBRATE your WINS”
  • Why you shouldn’t “sweat the small stuff”
  • How to kick the worry habit
  • Why flexibility is a major key to success
  • Why there are no mistakes in life, only LEARNING EXPERIENCES
  • Why personal and professional INTEGRITY is so important
  • Why PERSISTENCE is so important