This is the second time through the programme (Phase 2) and now I recognize that YEP I WAS A PRODUCT FLOGGER. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT FOR ME AFTER THIS MODULE. I find out were they are calling from and ask which of the Lanotec products they are looking for and what they intend to use it on. 25% of the time they were looking to buy the wrong product in our range. I then assist with suppliers in their area. When I ask would you like me to call my suppliers in your area to get availability and a price they accept this offer more than 95% of the time. If I just let them ring up the stores they may give up if they can not find what they want or have a bad experience on the phone with the supplier — who has not had Top Gun Training ). By doing this I have joined the dots. I phone customer and resellers. The reseller I sell to has thanked me for the business and the customer has thanked me for outstanding service. If I just gave the phone customer a retail price and said Bob’s hardware down the road from you is a supplier thanks for the call. God only knows what goes on when the customer calls Bobs hardware. If I do not do this I have lost control of the sale. It takes very little time to do and builds trust with my resellers who will order more stock because they know they have my support. Also a very happy phone shopper spreading the work call John from Lanotec and he will make it happen no fuss.