Article Melbourne Age / Sydney Morning Herald October 20, 2014

When Kylie Bartlett was 18 she thought her life was pointless and directionless. She was wandering the streets not only trying to find a purpose, but also trying to find somewhere to live. Three years later, she had started her first business, and 12 months after that bought her first home. Now, many years later, she is one of Australia’s leading social media experts, has just finished production of an online TV series – SME TV – helping small businesses solve social media problems, and has self-published her first business book, Friends with Benefits.

“I had a teacher tell me I was stupid and that the only way I could possibly attend university would be ‘serving chips in the canteen”.

So, what changed?

“To be honest I went to a three-hour motivational talk at the Wayne Berry Top Gun Business Academy and I saw how I could change my mindset,” Bartlett says. “I became obsessed with psychology and started studying everything on the subject.”

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“Well done Kylie. You’re an Inspiration!” Wayne Berry