Hello to my unreasonable friend Sales Coach Harry McIntosh! I’m really up to speed now mate. Currently work time and my time are a bit cloudy as I’m always on my laptop servicing my clients even in the evening and over weekends. The Top Gun program has made me go back to the basics and refresh my skills in the sales space, also learning some key new components that I’ve added to my sales meeting and presentations. It’s worked very well and has kept me extremely busy doubling the amount of FTM’s I have and also doubling the amount of potential prospect FTM’s I’m placing. Instead of looking for the 1’s and 2’s (job placements) on-site I’m getting in front of prospects that make decisions on 25 and 70 placements onsite, and keeping the national sales team busy writing new proposals in territory, that I wouldn’t normally be involved in. All I need now is more time in the day so I can service another 100 FTM’s on top of the 230 that I currently have on-board when we’re successful in securing the new business. (I’ll let you know how I go with that). Hope all is well your end. Michael