I have long had enormous respect for Wayne Berry’s teachings, insights and high level coaching.
As a direct result of his impact on my abilities we implemented a staff training and development program under this unique philosophy . This enabled our company’s IPO to rank 3rd fastest growing newly listed company expanding rapidly and successfully to initially London UK , and then coast to coast USA. A number of “please explain” speeding tickets ensued from the stock exchange governing body as a result of our rapid growth in revenue and stock price, due to an extraordinary leadership philosophy and high performing sales structure. I would recommend anyone serious about growing their business substantially to embrace what Wayne Berry has to share with you. It is invaluable information for you to implement immediately to grow your company to where it should be. “We are all capable of much more resourcefulness than we realize..”
Founding Principle, Outward Bound – Kurt Hahn. Wayne is not only an accomplished pilot, he will also teach you how to make your results soar !”