All information provided will be kept STRICTY CONFIDENTIAL

Information provided by you about the structure of your sales team and about your sales people will be kept strictly confidential, and is asked to enable us to advise you accurately on the best strategies for managing each person for optimum sales performance, and handling any challenges which you may be having with them. Fee: AUD$450 or NO Fee if a part of The Top Gun Sales Manager Mentoring Programme. Includes – Written report and interview / debrief with Wayne Berry.

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    Once you start this questionnaire DO NOT leave this page or everything you have entered will be lost. To protect against this possibility, we suggest that you take a "screen shot" from time to time. If you lose you entries you can simply email your screen shots to your Top Gun Sales Coach.
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    Rate how you see yourself right now as a sales professional on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is you are not yet in sales and 10 being outstanding, reached your full potential.