A Quick Lesson In Rapport Building

Building trust and rapport is very important and some people just seem to be able to do it intuitively.  However there is a simple formula behind building rapport quickly and a definition that comes from Neurolinguistic Programming,  You’ll discover the formula in this video.  It’s easy when you know how.

Why Do Some People Succeed In Sales And Most Do Not?

The truth is the majority of people in sales are mediocre and do not achieve great success in sales.  In this video Wayne Berry poses the question “Why is this so?”  More importantly after more than 40 years training sales people, sales managers, leaders and business people all over the world, he know why and […]

How Not To Sell Today!

Selling has changed.  But many sales people have not.  Wayne Berry believes and says in this video, this is both a good thing and a bad thing.  It’s a bad thing that so many prospects are still subjected to this outdated way of selling.  It’s a good thing, because you will stand out like a […]

A New Model For Successful Selling Today

Selling has changed!  In this video Wayne Berry explains how selling has changed and why today’s professional sales people and business people are using a NEW and much improved model for selling and building long term successful businesses.

Negotiating Tip #3 Never Reveal Your Deadline!

Negotiating is something we do every day of our life.  How well we negotiate will determine much of the success we enjoy in life.  In this video Wayne Berry reveals the importance of deadlines in our negotiations.  They can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on how they are handled.

Playing The Negotiating Game!

Negotiating is just a GAME!  At least this is what Wayne Berry thinks as he shares some great ideas for you in this video on negotiating and how to become very good at it.