How To Get Motivated When You Lose Confidence

Self motivation is the best motivation because it comes from within, but what happens when you lose confidence in yourself and all of your self motivation seems to have disappeared.  Wayne  Berry shares in this video how to get motivated again  when you have lost that spark, lost that confidence.

3 Reasons for Always Being Early

Having a “Just in time” policy for arriving to meet with a prospect or client or to catch a flight at an airport may not be the best policy for a sales or business professional.  In this short video Wayne Berry shares his experience and his policy on this.

The Best Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened!

Wayne came across this excellent video where Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple Computer shares two simple stories but with a very profound message.  It reminded him of one of his favorite phrases, often used when reassuring clients and friends who are facing adversity.  The phrase, “You’ll look back one day and say ‘That was one […]

Why Do Some People Succeed In Sales And Most Do Not?

The truth is the majority of people in sales are mediocre and do not achieve great success in sales.  In this video Wayne Berry poses the question “Why is this so?”  More importantly after more than 40 years training sales people, sales managers, leaders and business people all over the world, he know why and […]

Make It A Great Day

Affirmations and Self Talk are very important as we talk to ourselves.  This self talk can be positive or negative, and it’s our choice we can make, as Wayne Berry explains in this video.

When Is The Best Time for Sales Meetings?

Is there a good time for Sales Meetings?  Wayne Berry believes there is and explains his ideas here and why he feels sales meetings and all other types of team meetings are important.  The structure, the timing etc all need to be professional and consistent week after week.