A Quick Lesson In Rapport Building

Building trust and rapport is very important and some people just seem to be able to do it intuitively.  However there is a simple formula behind building rapport quickly and a definition that comes from Neurolinguistic Programming,  You’ll discover the formula in this video.  It’s easy when you know how.

A New Model For Successful Selling Today

Selling has changed!  In this video Wayne Berry explains how selling has changed and why today’s professional sales people and business people are using a NEW and much improved model for selling and building long term successful businesses.

Why Buying Signals Are So Important

Wayne Berry explains why Buying Signals are so important and why recognizing them can shorten the sales process significantly and why not seeing them can actually cost you the sale.

The Best Trial Close Seeks An Opinion

A TRIAL CLOSE is not the same as a closing question.  Wayne Berry explains in this video that a trial close does NOT ask for a decision.  Most people don’t like making decisions but if asked the right way, they don’t mind giving you their opinion.  Use this strategy to determine if your prospect is […]

A Relentless Commitment to Excellence. (The Steve Jobs Way.)

A relentless commitment to excellence is a characteristic common to all successful people.  In this video Wayne Berry explains how Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple was a good example of this, and asks “What is your level of commitment to excellence in all areas of your life?”