Great Leaders Take 100% Responsibility!

Great Leadership understand the importance of taking 100% responsibility for very outcome, good and bad in their life.  Wayne Berry believe that great leaders also teach this to their team and develop this philosophy as one of the most important planks of their team culture.

Promises Promises Promises!

In this video Wayne Berry talks about making promises and asks “Are you keeping ALL of your promises?”    He explains why keeping small promises builds trust and rapport that can lead to a new customer and why forgetting about small promises which you may not think are really important, destroys trust.  He gives a […]

Great Leaders Characteristic #16: They have a High EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

The moist successful leaders and people in life have a HIGH EQ.  That is, they can “read people” and seem to be able to connect with people at a “heart level” rather than a superficial “left brain” level.  So often they are often seen as “genuine”, “authentic”, “real word” and “trust worthy”.   Think about those […]

When’s The Right Time To Hire A Sales Team For Your Business – Part 3

Small businesses after often founded by “Technicians” as Michael Gerber called them in his book “The E-Myth” more than 25 years ago.  They are experts at something, and when they start the business they are doing everything and doing it well.  If all goes well, the business grows so the owner takes on more “Technicians” […]

Selling Your Intellectual Property

Be sure to understand that your ideas, your strategies, the unique ways you have of helping your clients is actually your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Because it’s unique to you, only you have it, and only you can offer it to your clients.  This will set you apart from your competitors and will be uniquely valuable to […]