A Team of Giants – David Ogilvy

In this video Wayne Berry shares how David Ogilvy built on of the most successful advertising agencies in the world because of David’s philosophy around “recruiting giants”.

How To Hire & Train Top Sales Performers – Part #2

Recruiting and training sales people is a vital function for business owners, sales managers and team leaders.  In this video Wayne Berry is interviewed by Dale Beaumont, CEO of Business Blue Print Australia about this important topic.  Lot’s of how to ideas and strategies here.

When Is The Best Time for Sales Meetings?

Is there a good time for Sales Meetings?  Wayne Berry believes there is and explains his ideas here and why he feels sales meetings and all other types of team meetings are important.  The structure, the timing etc all need to be professional and consistent week after week.

Givers, Takers and Matchers On Your Team

As great leaders we are responsible for choosing members for our teams.  In this video Wayne Berry explains a concept around “Givers, Takers and Matchers”.  What sort of people do you have on your team?  By the way, your team will always be a reflection of you.

Creating Success By Design Not By Chance!

Most people think that success in life comes from good luck or good fortune.  While it’s true that timing and good luck does play a part in our success, highly successful people don’t leave their success to chance.  Instead they design a life on purpose to create the lifestyle they deserve and desire.  In this […]

3 Things You Need To Know About Maintaining A Great Attitude

Our attitude will determine 80% of our success in life, so maintaining a great attitude is very important.  In this video Wayne Berry explains 3 ways to maintain a great and empowering attitude throughout our life, particularly during times of adversity.