Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming to Your Supermarket

Interesting.   Maybe a good idea, maybe not?  Animals won’t be killed or exploited anymore, but I wonder how healthy these will be long term for humans?  Same concerns perhaps as Genetically Modified crop foods.   Wayne

OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out

This music video by American Alternative Rock band, OK Go was shot in a cosmonaut training airplane with a Russian production team. It involved an enormous amount of coordination and timing to shoot this in one take. This is the kind of fun art Americans and Russians can make when not being pushed to the […]

Learn To Listen – It’s Not About The Nail

There have been plenty of studies over the years exploring the different types of logic men and women use.  Men just want to fix things and women just want to be heard.  Jason Headley as director, writer, and in this case, the male actor as well, encapsulates this relationship dynamic in ‘It’s Not About the […]

A Space Oddity – Performed by Commander Chris Hadfield International Space Station

In 2013, while rotating around the Earth, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded a cover of David Bowie’s early career hit, Space Oddity. It started as a little “family project”, he told Lateline — something fun to do with his son, back on Earth, while he was aboard the International Space Station. Four years later, the […]

The Trunk Monkey

A recent Roadkill post of readers’ favorite car commercials included Suburban Auto Group’s series of Trunk Monkey ads from 2003 and 2004. These clever ads featured a monkey that would climb out of the trunk and perform helpful tasks, such as helping to park, bribing a police officer to dismiss a speeding ticket, or thwarting […]