The Top Gun Leadership Coaching Programme is available in two versions. The Top Gun Leadership Coaching Programme and the Top Gun Sales Manager Leadership Coaching Programme combine the power and convenience of on-line video training from anywhere in the world with LIVE COACHING with a Top Gun Leadership or Sales Leadership Coach. Your Coach will gain a full understanding of your unique situation and unique challenges BEFORE you get started, and will then TAILOR the training and coaching so it is TOTALLY RELEVANT to your situation.



Live Leadership Workshops that focus on your challenges

This Programme can be done entirely on-line or can include “live” Master Classes with Wayne Berry and your personal Top Gun Co0ach. The on-line programme provides you with 24/7 access to your Top Gun Coach who will interact with you 6 to 8 times each week through our unique Coaching Platform, plus they will video conference with you at regular intervals. Or you may choose to add the Master Class option.

With the Master Class option, as well as one-on-one on-line training and coaching, the Master Class Option will allow you to also PARTICIPATE IN PERSON at a number of LIVE Leadership Workshops over the next 12 months. You’ll work one-on-one with Wayne Berry, plus your Top Gun Coach, plus a number of other highly skilled Top Gun Coaches, plus a group of other highly motivated, like minded leadership or sales management professionals just like yourself, who are also on the on-line Top Gun Leadership Coaching Programme.

This year in The Whitsundays, Fiji and the Gold Coast.

Click here for full details on these workshops and to see what others are saying about the value they have derived by being at these Master Class Workshops.


We know of no other leadership or sales programme in the world that offers a money back guarantee. If you apply what you learn and work with your Top Gun Coach and the extra income earned does not provide you with at least a 100% return on your investment within an agreed time frame, you will be entitled to a 100% refund. We have never had a claim. Not one! This is because this programme works.

Here’s what your discover on this programme.

Introduction To Leadership

Chapter 1: Welcome by Wayne
Chapter 2: Early experiences with Leadership
Chapter 3: How to get the most out of this programme
Chapter 4: How to accelerate your learning and get results faster MODULE 1

Module: 1 What is Leadership?

Chapter 1: What is leadership?

  • Why is leadership important?
  • Why the McDonalds brothers failed to franchise McDonalds
  • Why entrepreneurs and pioneers often fail
  • Why leadership is not the same as management

Chapter 2: A Study of Exceptional Leaders

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Lee Iacocca, Andrew Carnegie, General Norman Schwarzkopf , Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Sir Richard Branson, Ronald Regan, Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Ray Kroc, Abraham Lincoln (16th President USA), Winston Churchill, Pres John F Kennedy, (35th President USA), John Howard, (Australia’s 25th PM), Mao Zedong, Howard Hughes, Robert Kiyosaki, Rupert Murdoch, Sam Walton, Oprah Winfrey, Napolean Hill’s (Think and Grow Rich), Earl Nightingale, James Rohn, Thomas J Watson, (Founder IBM)

Chapter 3: What do all exceptional Leaders have in common?

  • What do they know?
What do they do?
  • Why were or are they exceptional leaders?

Chapter 4: 20 Characteristics of all Top Leaders

Mandatory Action Commitments Module 1

MODULE 2: Why Leadership Starts With Us

Chapter 1: How will you measure your future success as a leader?
Chapter 2: 7 Steps to create your own better future as an effective leader
Chapter 3: Why set goals?
Chapter 4: 6 Reasons to set goals
Chapter 5: The “Wheel of Life”
Chapter 6: Designing your own “Wheel of Life”
Chapter 7: What goals should we set for a balanced life?
Chapter 8: 7 step plan for the achievement of your goals
Mandatory Action Commitments Module 2

MODULE 3: Why A Team Will Always Be a Reflection Of It’s Leader

Chapter 1: Introduction to the 6 Vital Functions of Leadership

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Leading
  • Motivating
  • Managing

Chapter 2: Introduction to Hiring
Chapter 3: 12 Steps to attract and recruit top people
Chapter 4: Introduction to recruitment interviewing
Chapter 5: Strategies for interviewing potential new hires
Chapter 6: Extra interviewing strategies when interviewing for a sales role
Mandatory Action Commitments Module 3

MODULE 4: How To Recruit an Exceptional Team

Chapter 1: Introduction to interview questions for new recruits
Chapter 2: First Interview questions when hiring
Chapter 3: First Interview questions for sales people
Chapter 4: Introduction to the Final Hiring Interview
Chapter 5: The Final Hiring Interview
Chapter 6: Introduction to “Knock Outs” – Reasons not to hire
Chapter 7: “Knock Outs” – Reasons not to hire
Mandatory Action Commitments Module 4

MODULE 5: Success Training – Part 1

Chapter 1: Introduction to Training – We get the people we deserve through hiring and training
Chapter 2: Understanding and recognizing the 7 different types of people we lead
Chapter 3: How to deal with the 7 different types of people we lead
Chapter 4: 10 proven steps to develop your people
Chapter 5: 10 Key principles of good training
Chapter 6: Why good training begins with Performance Standards
Chapter 7: How to structure of professional training for your people
Mandatory Action Commitments Module 5

MODULE 6: Success Training – Part 2

Chapter 1: How to determine the characteristics required by high performers on your team
Chapter 2: Defining and measuring these top 10 characteristics of high performers on with members of your team
Chapter 3: The Winning Edge Strategy – How to develop these top 10 characteristics for high performance in members of your team
Chapter 4: Extra for Sales Managers – Introduction to 10 key determinants of top sales performance
Chapter 5: Extra for Sales Managers – What top sales performers do differently
Chapter 6: Extra for Sales Managers – 10 characteristics of top sales performers
Chapter 7: Extra for Sales Managers – How to develop a winning edge in selling with your people
Chapter 8: Extra for Sales Managers – What is selling today and why your people probably need a new approach
Chapter 9: Extra for Sales Managers – A new proven model for selling today that works long term
Chapter 10: Starting new people on your team
Chapter 11: How to conduct effective team meetings, so your people love them
Chapter 12: How conduct effective video conference team meetings so nobody will ever miss a meeting
Mandatory Action Commitments Module 6

MODULE 7: Coaching – Why People Will Only Be As Good As We Help Them To Be!

Chapter 1: Introduction to Coaching
Chapter 2: How to run an effective coaching session
Chapter 3: How to discipline through a coaching session
Chapter 4: The Performance Review Meeting as a leadership and coaching tool
Chapter 5: De-hiring poor performers. When enough is enough!
Mandatory Action Commitments Module 7

MODULE 8: Leadership – How To Be a Leader Worth Following

Chapter 1: How to create a “100% Self Responsibility Culture” in your team
Chapter 2: Leadership of a new project
Chapter 3: How to earn the trust and respect of your team members fast
Chapter 4: How and why exceptional leaders connect with their people at a Heart Level
Chapter 5: How to be an exceptional leader who empowers their people
Chapter 6: Why and how to lead from the front
Mandatory Action Commitments Module 8

MODULE 9: How To Motivate and Manage Your Team For Optimum Performance

Chapter 1: What motivates people – really!?
Chapter 2: The hidden secrets of motivation and why it’s important to understand them
Chapter 3: Proven and effective motivational strategies understood by exceptional leaders

  • How to find out what motivates each individual member of your team
  • How use that motivation to bring out the best in each person
  • Team motivation strategies and creating team synergy
  • The importance of meetings as a motivational tool
  • Extra for Sales Managers – What motivates sales people – they are a different breed!

Chapter 4: Managing Processes and People

  • Leveraging through effectively managing people and processes
  • Why good leadership is about empowering others
  • The importance of accountability in leadership and managing people
  • Dealing with resistance to change. Why you need to be a “Change Agent”!
  • Why Leaders are Big Picture PeopleMission, Vision, Strategy
  • How to lead from the front and be a good example for others
  • Why momentum is the leader’s responsibility
  • How to get “buy-in” from your people
  • How to gain total commitment
  • The “Un-Reasonable Friend System” as a team management strategy
  • Why it’s important to “Inspect what you expect”.

Mandatory Action Commitments Module 9

Module 10 How to Lead and Motivate Different Behavioral Styles On Your Team

Chapter 1: Introduction to personality behavioral styles
Chapter 2: Recognizing different personality behavioral styles on your team
Chapter 3: How to deal with different personality behavioral styles and get optimum performance from each type on your team
Mandatory Action Commitments Module 10

MODULE 11: High Performance Negotiating As a Leader

Chapter 1: What negotiations do leaders get involved in?
Chapter 2: Why negotiating is the highest paid work you’ll ever do
Chapter 3: The structure and phases of every negotiation
Chapter 4: 10 proven strategies for effective negotiating
Chapter 5: 20 sources of power available to you in every negotiation
Chapter 6: How to deal effectively with the most common ploys gambits and “dirty tricks” when negotiating
Mandatory Action Commitments Module 11

MODULE 12: End of Phase 1 Review

Chapter 1: End Of Phase Assessment.