A Key Note or Workshop Presentation

by Wayne Berry

Programme Objective

To provide in a light-hearted, highly entertaining way, practical “how to” ideas and strategies for better negotiating, that participants can use immediately to get what they want more often in both their professional and personal lives.

This is one of Wayne Berry’s most requested 1 to 1.5 hour Key Note address and is also available as a 3.5 hour Workshop or Seminar.

Programme Style

This presentation begins with an optional 10 minute “Negotiating Game” which immediately gets participants laughing, having a good time as they become totally involved in negotiating with a total stranger on a brief they have been given.

Within minutes, participants come up with a broad range of outcomes. This demonstrates in a fun way that even though everyone had the same brief, the same time, the same environment some people can come up with a great outcome, while others simply become “Shark Bait”. The only difference is the level of skill of each negotiator.

The remainder of this presentation draws on the experiences of participants in the room as Wayne explains the “7 Essential Skills That Makes A Top Negotiator” and shows how these skills can be easily developed.

Wayne makes the point that we are involved in negotiations in all aspects of our life every day, not just in business. How well we handle these negotiations with customers, staff, suppliers, people we work with, and with family members determines how easy or stressful life will be for us. As Wayne Berry says…

“In life you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!”

Wayne Berry is author of three best selling books on negotiating now sold in 13 countries. They are “Negotiating In The Age of Integrity”, “How To Negotiate And Get The Best Deal Every Time” and “Win-Win In China”. He speaks from experience and audiences find him very warm, sincere and easy to relate to.

Who Will Benefit From This TOP GUN Presentation?

This presentation is suitable for…

  • Managers
  • Sales People
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing People
  • Support Staff
  • Administration Staff
  • Anyone

Programme Structure and Content

Your presentation will be tailored to create the specific outcomes that you have in mind for your audience. This is achieved through a thorough briefing with Wayne Berry prior to your event.

In this presentation Wayne Berry speaks about:
  • The structure of negotiating
  • How to recognising negotiating opportunities
  • “Counter Instinctive” Negotiating Strategies for creating Win/Win
  • The “Secrets” of question asking in a negotiation
  • The 20 “hidden” sources of power in most negotiating situations
  • How to avoid becoming “shark bait” by recognizing and being able to counter the 21 most common “ploys, gambits and dirty tricks”
  • How to avoid 34 of the most common mistakes made by negotiators
  • How to deal with different styles of negotiators