Yes the hard sell does still work!

My answer may surprise you, because the truth is hard selling still does still work in some cases – once!  This is because some prospects will allow themselves to be bullied into a decision, if for no other reason than to get rid of the sales person. Then buyer’s remorse can set in followed by the cancellation of the order.   But there is no place for the “hard sell” today.  Not in today’s highly competitive marketplace where customers have many choices available to them.

Prospects today are looking for integrity, genuine caring, and a “problem solver” approach where the sales person cares enough to identify this prospect’s needs and then make the right recommendation.

Trust is such a key element in the relationship between buyer and seller and if the sales person has integrity they will sometimes have to say. “Sorry we do not have what you need and I won’t see you buy the wrong thing, just so I can make a sale. I’d prefer to help you only in the areas that I can help you in.”

When a sales person does that. the trust level goes up as they are seen as a person of integrity and someone who is not just after a quick easy sale.

While the sales person may not make not have a sales transaction this time, they have made an even more important sale.  They have sold the prospect on their value as a trusted advisor and this person is likely to come back to them when they need advice or may refer friends or associates to them.

Taking a truly consultative approach in selling today is the best way to achieve long term success in sales today.  For more information on how to develop your Consultative Selling Skills CLICK HERE.

Have a great week.  Make it a great week.

Wayne Berry


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