So what do we do when we have made a presentation with a client, but they won’t commit to going ahead?  I am often asked this at seminars and I explain that there are basically four reasons.

Reason 1.  They don’t yet see the value.

A prospect will determine whether your proposal is value for money or not, by weighing up the benefits they perceive, with the investment you have asked them to pay.  It is a real skill to explain the benefits and relate them to the needs of your prospect.  It begins with good questioning to uncover their logical and emotional needs.

Reason 2.  They have an objection, which they have stated, or one that is hidden.

Again, it is a very important skill to have to uncover objections and answer them.

Reason 3.  There is a condition that stops them from buying.

A condition is different to an objection.  It is an unalterable set of circumstances that prevents the sale moving forward.  eg. no money and can not borrow it.  Leaving the company. etc.

Reason 4.  They really do want to think it over or discuss it with another decision maker or influencer.

Some people really do need time to think it over.  So how should we follow up on this prospect?   More often or not, this is done with a telephone call.

So when should we make that call and what should we say?  I’d suggest you ask your client this question and gain a commitment as to when they will have made a decision, so you are being told what day and what time you should contact them again.  You tell them you are putting it in your diary and will phone them or even better, see them face to face again on that date and time.

Making the follow up call

The first point I’d like to make here, is actually make the call!  I know some sales people have call reluctance when it comes to following up, but what I know for sure, is that in many cases…

You are just one phone call away from getting the order.

Haven’t you had this experience yourself?  You have spoken with a sales person and you do want a little time to consider your decision and now you’ve decided to go ahead but the sales person doesn’t call you.  They were just one phone call away from your order and they didn’t make the call.

So when you have made this follow up call and you are talking with your prospect, what should you say?  Firstly be sure that you are in a confident mind-set before you call.  Remind yourself of how much you’ll be helping your prospect when they go ahead.  Review the benefits in your preparation and be able to discuss them. Consider any objections they might have and be prepared to address these.

Now you are ready to speak with your prospect.  Be assumptive.  That is assume they are going to say yes.  Prospects can hear it in your voice if you are expecting a “no”.  They may be ready to say yes, but because you don’t seem sure about their purchase, you plant doubt into their mind.

So what do we say?

I’ve got a list of 10 different ways to gain commitment.  If you want these drop me an email I’ll give you details or look at our TOP GUN Sales Coaching Programme.

Here’s one way you might do this.

“Hello Mr Prospect, how are you?  You told me to call you today so we can take care of the details and move ahead, so you can start to benefit immediately from what I’ve recommended.  I’ll get the balling rolling for you today, and to be sure everything is organized properly, I’d like to confirm a few details…”. 

Then go ahead and go over your check list of details which may include arranging to take a deposit or what your invoice should say and who it should be emailed to, which is the best date for delivery etc.

That’s all for now.  Take these ideas and use them and then let me know your success stories using them.

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Have a great week. Make it a great week!

Wayne Berry

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