How Not To Sell Today!

Selling has changed.  But many sales people have not.  Wayne Berry believes and says in this video, this is both a good thing and a bad thing.  It’s a bad thing that so many prospects are still subjected to this outdated way of selling.  It’s a good thing, because you will stand out like a […]

When Negotiating – Clarify Your Sources of Power.

When negotiating you have a lot more power than you think you have.  Wayne Berry explains how the professional negotiator clarifies their sources of power early in the process and determines the sources of power available to the other party.  When you do, your confidence will grow.   Wayne suggests there are 20 common sources of […]

Negotiating Tip #3 Never Reveal Your Deadline!

Negotiating is something we do every day of our life.  How well we negotiate will determine much of the success we enjoy in life.  In this video Wayne Berry reveals the importance of deadlines in our negotiations.  They can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on how they are handled.

When Negotiating, Never Give Concessions Always Trade Them!

In this video Wayne Berry explains that too often concessions are made when negotiating, and made too easily, that this behavior then encourages the other party to ask for even more concessions.  In this video Wayne explains how to avoid creating this type of situation and how trading concession rather than giving them away is […]

When Negotiating Never Jump At The First Offer!

In this video Wayne Berry explains why we should never jump at the first offer when negotiating.  Whilst this may seem like common sense, common sense is not necessarily common place and many people get so caught up in the emotion, particularly when the other person’s offer is attractive or exceeds their expectations, that they […]

Closing The Sale – Introduction

In this video, recorded some time ago, but still as relevant today as it was then, Wayne Berry dispels some of the Myths around closing the sale.  Most sales people believe these myths and hence use strategies that are not suitable for selling today.  Also sadly, some sales people have left the profession of selling […]