A Relentless Commitment to Excellence. (The Steve Jobs Way.)

A relentless commitment to excellence is a characteristic common to all successful people.  In this video Wayne Berry explains how Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple was a good example of this, and asks “What is your level of commitment to excellence in all areas of your life?”

Don’t Wait For Perfection (The Gladys Knight Story)

In the mid 1990s Wayne Berry presented on a multi speaker tour of Australia and South East Asia.  That speaker line up included James Rohn, Rev Robert Schuler, and Les Brown.  Wayne met Gradys Knight of Motown fame (Gladys Knight and the Pips) at dinner on the first night of the tour.  She was married […]

Never, Never, Never…Give Up! (The Homeless Man With The Golden Voice)

This video presented by Wayne Berry was recorded some time ago.  But we think you’ll feel the story he introduces inspiring.  The story concerns a homeless guy with the ‘golden voice’.  His name was Ted Williams, and he’s come a LONG since 2011 when he was “€œdiscovered”€ holding a cardboard sign on the side of […]

The Psychology of Colour

In this video Wayne Berry explains something about the psychology of colour.   He suggests that you at least be aware of the studies and what they reveal about the affect different colours have on us as human beings.

How to get prospects to see you as trustworthy

The ability to build TRUST and RAPPORT is one of most important skills that every sales professional, leader and business person needs to have fully developed.  In this video Wayne Berry explains why this is true, and more importantly exactly what you can say and do so people do see you as trustworthy, not just […]

How To Build Trust – Make a Promise and Keep It!

Why it’s so important to keep promises!  In this video Wayne Berry passes along some sage advice from Marketing Guru Winston Marsh from Melbourne Australia.  He explains why it is so important to DO WHAT YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD DO and why even small promises are important. Like “I’ll call you back later today”.  Everything […]