Why it’s so important to keep promises!  In this video Wayne Berry passes along some sage advice from Marketing Guru Winston Marsh from Melbourne Australia.  He explains why it is so important to DO WHAT YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD DO and why even small promises are important. Like “I’ll call you back later today”.  Everything we say or do either adds to or detracts from our credibility and whether people will believe us and trust us in the future.  Even a small promise like “I’ll call you back today”.  Some would say what does it matter really if I don’t call back until tomorrow.  Well it does matter.  You see if you keep the small promises, people will be more likely to trust you with the big promises.  The reverse is also true.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by failing to keep even your small promises.  Some people will notice.  Be a person of integrity.  Someone known to always be reliable and someone who always keeps their word.

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