Secrets of the World Class – Turning Mediocrity Into Greatness!

A great video about turning mediocrity into greatness.  It contrasts and compares the MIND SET of people who see themselves as “Middle Class” with people who see themselves as “WORLD CLASS”. As Wayne Berry so frequently says, “Our ‘Outer World’ will ALWAYS be a reflection of our ‘Inner World’.”

How To Use Email Newsletters

Wayne Berry was a pioneer using email newsletters way before most people and companies did.  They actually replaced Wayne’s paper new letters (Top Gun Sales and Sales Management Tips) that he had mailed for years before emails were invented.  He explains how they should SELL NOTHING but simply EDUCATE and HELP clients by providing great […]

Three Magic Questions to DISTURB and REVEAL

Three magic questions if asked in the right manner will tell you why your prospect has what they have now.  What theyhave now.  What they like most about that buying decision,  and what they would like beyond what they have now.  The answers to these 3 questions gives you information you now need to present […]