Spend Time With Those Who Deserve It

In this video Wayne Berry shares some ideas from James Rohn about where to invest your time in training and developing your people.  This idea is counter intuitive to the way most people think.

The Purpose and Format for Sales Meetings

Sales Meetings and Team Meetings are a very important part of leading, managing and developing our people.  In this video Wayne Berry share his thoughts on the format and purpose of team meetings.  They are very important and if your team do not like attending your meetings it’s time to look at your meetings because […]

Steve Jobs and Wayne Berry on Recruiting

Steve Jobs was a tough task master and his advice given here on recruiting reflects this attitude.  It became a part of the Apple Culture and was one of the major reasons for Apple’s success in the early days.  Wayne Berry comments on the message Steve Jobs is delivering here.

A Team of Giants – David Ogilvy

In this video Wayne Berry shares how David Ogilvy built on of the most successful advertising agencies in the world because of David’s philosophy around “recruiting giants”.

Recruiting And The Rule Of Three.

Recruiting is a vital process.  In this video Wayne Berry reveals a method of interviewing and recruiting to ensure we bring aboard the best possible candidates.

What To Do With Losers On Your Team?

What happens if you have people on your team who are under performing?  Well there will always be differences in the levels of performance of people on your team, but what happens when you have tried everything with a person who is not responding?  A good question to ask would be how did they make […]