The lesson of the EMPTY PICKLE JAR is a profound one and one that illustrates life.  Watch, enjoy, share with those you love and care about, and remember to make space for the big things in life, because if we fill our lives with the “Small Stuff” there will be no space for the important […]

The Master Mind Principle – Napolean Hill

In the 1920s Napolean Hill wrote a book that was destine to change the lives of tens of millions of people the world over since then.  If you have not read this book, I’d suggest you do so.  It is as relevant now as it was when first published.  I read it in my 20s […]

Stand guard at the door of your mind

Wayne Berry: “I got to meet Jim Rohn at age 27 and this meeting profoundly changed the direction  of my life.  I got to work with Jim for more than a decade and then we kept in touch until his life ended.  One of the ideas that Jim shared with me in those early days […]

The Strangest Secret – Earl Nightingale

Wayne Berry:  “I got to work with the very famous Mr Earl Nightingale, auto of “The Strangest Secret” when I brought him to Australia in 1989.  I had discovered Earl’s recording in the early 1980s and like millions of others the world over, it had changed my life.  If you’ve not heard the recording here’s […]

Characteristics of Great Leaders #10: They care about leaving a legacy

Dr Denis E Waitley, author of “The Psychology of Winning” talks about success being the planting of a tree under which we know we will never sit.  All great leaders care about leaving the world a better place than it was before they arrived.  A better place because of who they were, the way they […]