In the 1920s Napolean Hill wrote a book that was destine to change the lives of tens of millions of people the world over since then.  If you have not read this book, I’d suggest you do so.  It is as relevant now as it was when first published.  I read it in my 20s and frankly I got so excited that I could not sleep.  The principles were so foreign to me, coming from a High School education where I’d never heard of this book yet was forced to read so many boring and useless books.  Why didn’t the school have this book on it’s list of required reading?  Why hadn’t we studied this book?  Why didn’t we have spirited discussions about these principles instead of the irrelevant boring stuff they forced on us?  I recommended it to family and friends, none of whom bothered to read itI have used the principles it contains to bring me to where I am today and I am happy with the destination so far.  If you’d like to see a longer recording of Napolean Hill use this link.  He shares 17 principles in this 2 hour black and white film from 1925, including this one, “The Mastermind Principle”


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