Characteristics of Sales Success

Wayne Berry believes there are 10 characteristics common to all high performing sales professionals. He discusses 3 of these with Dale Beaumont, CEO of Business Blue Print Australia.

When Is The Best Time for Sales Meetings?

Is there a good time for Sales Meetings?  Wayne Berry believes there is and explains his ideas here and why he feels sales meetings and all other types of team meetings are important.  The structure, the timing etc all need to be professional and consistent week after week.

The Simple Truths of Service – Inspired by “Johny The Bagger”

This is a true story based on the experience of two professional speakers and authors out of the USA by the name of Kenneth Blanchard and Barbara Glanz.  It’s touching and funny but carries a very important message about the importance of service.  Not just customer service, but how we service the needs of others […]

The Value of The “Unreasonable Friend”

Recorded some time ago in a “live” workshop Wayne Berry explains the powerful concept of “The Unreasonable Friend”.   He gives a personal example of how having “Unreasonable Friends” in his life has helped him turn his life around in times of adversity.

When Should A Tip Be Paid?

One of Wayne Berry’s most important mentors was E. James Rohn.   In this video Wayne tells a story which illustrates how Jim Rohn questioned everything, even something as simple as a tip and when the best time to give a tip should be.  Adopting this way of thinking changed everything for Wayne, and he […]

How To Use Email Newsletters

Wayne Berry was a pioneer using email newsletters way before most people and companies did.  They actually replaced Wayne’s paper new letters (Top Gun Sales and Sales Management Tips) that he had mailed for years before emails were invented.  He explains how they should SELL NOTHING but simply EDUCATE and HELP clients by providing great […]