Why Do Some People Succeed In Sales And Most Do Not?

The truth is the majority of people in sales are mediocre and do not achieve great success in sales.  In this video Wayne Berry poses the question “Why is this so?”  More importantly after more than 40 years training sales people, sales managers, leaders and business people all over the world, he know why and […]

Tips On Organising Conferences

In this video Wayne Berry gives some ideas on how to structure a conference.  Having presented as a speaker at thousands of conferences, he now has a unique insight into what works and what does not.  He’s seen the amazing and he’s seen disasters, like the conference where the CEO got drunk at the Friday […]

Recruiting And The Rule Of Three.

Recruiting is a vital process.  In this video Wayne Berry reveals a method of interviewing and recruiting to ensure we bring aboard the best possible candidates.

What To Do With Losers On Your Team?

What happens if you have people on your team who are under performing?  Well there will always be differences in the levels of performance of people on your team, but what happens when you have tried everything with a person who is not responding?  A good question to ask would be how did they make […]

Characteristics of Sales Success

Wayne Berry believes there are 10 characteristics common to all high performing sales professionals. He discusses 3 of these with Dale Beaumont, CEO of Business Blue Print Australia.