In this video Wayne Berry gives some ideas on how to structure a conference.  Having presented as a speaker at thousands of conferences, he now has a unique insight into what works and what does not.  He’s seen the amazing and he’s seen disasters, like the conference where the CEO got drunk at the Friday night welcome dinner, and partied with nearly all of the 100 delegates until 8.00am the following morning.  Finally by 8.30am he was reminded that he needed to kick off the conference by introducing their keynote speaker (Wayne Berry).  He did this totally drunk, to a half full room of mostly drunk people, and needless to say the day was a complete disaster.  The whole day’s programme was finally abandoned by 10.00am, and the following two days were not much better.  Tens of thousands of dollars were wasted and the many of the good people there became disillusioned, and some left the company shortly there after. So in this video Wayne gives some ideas on what to include and what not to include.  And if you have invited spouses along, how to make them feel welcome and how to make your conference not only successful, but also memorable and highly motivational for everyone.

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