Wayne Berry:  “I often say that at school that I was in that half of the class that made the top half possible.  My aptitude and scholastic abilities were not good and these were reflected in my struggling results all through my school years.  In the end I did scrape through and could have gone to university, but decided not to.  As I write this, I am at my Queensland home as I now have homes in a number of locations, plus an ocean-going catamaran which I also live aboard a lot of the time as we move it around to some beautiful locations.  I sometimes find myself saying to friends  that as a kid I could not have imagined such a life style, in reality this is not true, as I always believed that I could do well despite what teachers and friends were telling me back then.  Now I don’t tell you to impress you, as frankly what you think of me is none of my business.  I tell you this because SUCH IS THE POWER OF HAVING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE in life.  So after an absence of more than 42 years from my home town of Brisbane, I’ve been able to catch up with quite a few of my old school friends now over the last 12 months, most of whom were far smarter than me at school and were indeed at the top of the class.  Most did so well at school that they went on to university and secured well paying jobs, and some spent their entire lives in the one job until they retired (something which I never intend to do).  As we talk about the “old days” and how our lives have turned out, many are now flat broke and most live lives that are now a struggle.   I know this because in some cases they have chosen where to have lunch based on if  the restaurant can offers ‘senior specials”.  So this has brought it home to me time and time again, that the main thing I have had going for me right from the early days was my ATTITUDE Zig Ziglar put it well when he said “It’s your attitude not your aptitude that will determine your altitude in life”  Well said Zig!  Is your attitude your biggest asset or your greatest liability?

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