IMPORTANT TO READ.  Using video conferences for meetings is growing in popularity and acceptance today.  In this short video Dale Beaumont of Business Blue Print shares one way of doing this quickly and easily.  We also highly recommend  Whilst selling face to face, particularly on the first meeting is highly desirable and is in most cases better because we can build rapport and trust better, it is not always possible, practical or cost effective because of distance, but it is much more preferable than simply talking on the telephone.  On a VC (Video Conference) you and they can now make eye contact using videoEngagement is much higher than with telephone as you can see if the prospect is paying attention (and not checking their email, or putting you on mute while they talk with someone else).  It also allows you to bring in other’s in the prospect’s organization whom you know are involved in the decision making process.  It also allows you to bring in experts from your organization to the meeting to improve the communication, your credibility and help you to get the order. It also allows you to screen share, again raising the level of engagement and allowing you to “control” what your prospect is seeing and when, versus sending an email and hoping they will read, view or play a video in full.   You and your prospect can also record the meeting and send the link later to others who perhaps need to be involved in the decision or who will be affected by the discussion.   A great time saver.

One of our Sydney based clients now converts 90% of his telephone inquiries into immediate video conference by sending a link at the start of the telephone call explaining that it’s easier to “show you what we can offer you” than it is to talk about it.   In January 2018 he said “I have been so busy because I am closing nearly all the inquiries new and old now.  So far YTD I have closed about 25 virtuals”.  This has increased his conversions by several hundred percent.  At first he said “people will never agree to a VC”We suggested that they will if your attitude is “this is how we do it here” and that this would set him apart from his competitors.  We were right. In most cases now, his competitors don’t stand a chance selling against him by telephone or email.

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