Training is one of the most important functions of a great leader / manager.  Ideally a great leader is good at doing training themselves, but also recognize that they need to leverage themselves at times and involve other people in training their team.  When using a trainer it’s important to thoroughly brief the person doing the training.  Make sure they understand your people, their challenges and the team culture that you have.  It is also Wayne Berry’s suggestion (and 100% of other professional coaches too) that all good managers / leaders will lead from the front by participating in any training their people under take.  This sends a message that the training is very important, but then also allows the leader / manager to follow up with coaching their people and discuss the training with them.  Poor managers do not attend the training and they don’t follow up.  Sadly there are more poor leaders and managers out there than there are good leaders who understand this.  When a leader supports the training in this way, the value of the training is easily doubled or quadrupled and it is of more lasting value.

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