Please download Affiliate Marketer Sales Training Manual before watching this video.

During your first face to face (in person or by video conference) meeting with a Sales Manager, or a business owner or someone arranging a conference, after you have built rapport, trust and asked “Diagnosis Questions” to determine their needs, the decision making process and “disturbed” the person enough about their current situation enough to want you to present at their meeting asap, now it’s time to explain the benefits to them and their organization, of having you make a 50 minute “how to” presentation at one of their sales meetings or at their  conference, on “How To Increase Your Sales By 30% or More In 90 Days Or Less”, followed by a 10 minute presentation where you invite those at the meeting to subscribe to either the Top Gun Sales and Negotiating Skills Training Membership Programme (ie. Level 1 Membership) or Top Gun Sales Manager Leadership and Business Building Training Membership Programme (Level 2 Membership).  This video Wayne Berry explains how to explain the benefits and also how to go over a check list of “agreements” or “rules” that this person must agree to IN ADVANCE of the meeting, that will ensure that your presentation will be successful. If you do not have these agreements / rules in place then you risk losing control of your presentation meeting which could seriously reduce your conversion rate of enrollments at this meeting.  This video should be viewed in conjunction with the Affiliate Marketing Training Manual.

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