Jim Rohn shared this very wise advice with Wayne Berry, long before he became a yachtsman, but as Wayne explains in this video, it’s not the direction of the wind that determines where the destination will be when sailing, it’s the set of the sail.  For example many people don’t understand how a sailing boat can actually sail fast, very fast upwind.  Most people understand intuitively how we can sail with the wind, but sail against the wind???  And so it is in sales, business and life.  Many people know how to do the easy things that everyone knows about.  It’s only the very successful people who decide to learn strategies and skills that most people don’t understand so they can do those things most people can not do.  So success has nothing to do with just market conditions, competition, economic conditions etc.  Everyone faces the same challenges.  It’s how we face them and what we do about these conditions that determine our destination in life.  It’s the set of our sail, that counts.

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