Sometimes things will go wrong.  The important thing is what you then do when it does Wayne Berry:  When things go wrong it’s an opportunity to show how much you really care and build an even stronger customer relationship.  When you do, your customer can in most cases be turned from unhappy to being an advocate for you personally, your company and your product.  If you haven’t watch my previous video “My Bad Mercedes Customer Service Experience”, may I suggest you do so now, before you watch this video, so you’ll know what my customer service experience was.  Here’s what the Mercedes sales person should have done to turn me into a happy customer again.  Also some advice here for the Dealer Principle of Brighton Mercedes Geoff Quirk and the Australian Managing Director of Mercedes Australia.  If they had done these things you would not be watching this video and I would have probably purchased at least two more vehicles since then.  Instead I am switching to Tesla who seem to place a high priority on giving a quality customer experience.  So much so, I like 300,000 other vehicle purchasers the world over, ordered a vehicle I’d never seen or even had a “test drive” of.

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