Wayne Berry:  “I hear a lot of Sales Managers blaming their sales people, senior management, HR, the training department, the market, the competition etc for the poor performance of their team, but ultimately I believe that as Sales Managers we are ultimately responsibility for our sales team’s performance or lack there of.   Many sales managers don’t like to hear me say this, as they prefer to blame “things beyond their control”.   But in 90 percent of cases where a Sales Manager decides to follow our strategies and take 100% responsibility instead of waiting for someone else to fix the problem, these see a massive turn around when they take our advice.  Then we hear WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS 12 MONTHS AGO??!  That indeed is a very good question and I have to point to something you’ll hear me say quite a lot, “A team will always be a reflection of it’s leader”.  Fix the problem at a leadership level and the team’s results quickly change.  This often happens when a new Sales Manager replaces the old one.  But it doesn’t need to be this way.  The current Sales Manager can often fix the problem fast with our strategies but this will only happen if they change their MINDSET and take 100% responsibility.

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