You’ve probably heard this before, because it’s true.  Selling is a numbers game.  The numbers that are important though are the ratios between say New Contacts: First Meetings, or the ration between New Meetings : Presentation of Solution and Presentation : Orders etc.  The activity is important to track but the ratios tell you where your “bottle necks” are.  What’s working and what’s not. What skills are working and what are not.  eg.  32 New Contacts : 2 Meetings Booked.  That’s a 16: 1 ratio and indicates a SKILL DEFICIENCY with Prospecting.  Fortunately ALL SKILLS CAN BE LEARNED and using a Top Gun Script has helped 80% of our clients go from a 32 : 1 to a 32 : 16 ratio.  That’s make 2 calls and get 1 appointment.  Much better than making 32 calls and get 1 appointment.  Why would anyone continue with a ration like that when 1 : 2 is entirely possible.  A 32 : 1 ratio is a recipe for failure, discouragement and no prospecting.  Who needs all of that rejection!!  Develop you skills. This programme is designed to do that IF YOU USE THE STRATEGIES you learn here.

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