Wayne Berry:  Elon is such and inspiration.  Not only has he completely disrupted the auto industry causing so many other auto makers to now move quickly into ALL ELECTRIC vehicles (they have no choice now), but what he’s doing with SpaceX is absolutely revolutionary as this video shows.  You’ll see what I mean at the end when he talks about the low cost of future launches verses other old technology methods.  He’s shown up NASA to be the “lame duck” that it really has been since it discontinued the space shuttle and has sat on it’s hands since then.  Also have you seen what he’s doing with Solar City?  Not only Power Wall battery systems, but light weight roof tiles that generate electricity and pay for themselves.  So no more unsightly solar panels on roofs.  Makes logical sense to stop making heavy concrete tiles for roofs.  And the Mega Factory to create batteries for his vehicles and others.  In this video Elon Musk reveals the designs of the new ‘BFR’ spaceship (I guess you know what “BFR”stands for right!?) that is currently under development.  Absolutely amazing.  Science fiction up until now.  I for one would be on a flight to SpaceX’s ‘Moon Base Alpha’ or his ‘Mars City’ if I had half a chance.  How about you?

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