Wayne Berry explains the 212 Degrees of Success Principle.  Success generally does not just happen over night.  In fact in many projects, we see nothing at all, no progress at all, right up until we reach the “TIPPING POINT” and suddenly all the time and effort put in pays off.  This is what we see with water.  As we heat water, we mostly see no visible changes at all, right through to 211 and then at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, once the water reaches that temperature, everything  changes.  It the we stopped adding heat at 200, 205, or 210 we would never see any change at all.  The water would remain just below the point of “Success”.  All the energy put in to that point would be wasted if we stop putting in the effort.  It’s the same with personal and professional success.  So many people stop just short of the TIPPING POINT, the point where all of their efforts would have paid off, and the sad thing is they often will never know how close they got.  Successful people on the other hand keep going UNTIL they achieve success.  They know roughly what it takes for this, success and they keep going until they achieve the success they desire.

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