“Success Is Journey NOT The Destination!”    In this video, Wayne Berry explains that while this is a phrase you’ll hear from time to time, a lot of people who are success oriented are so darn serious about achieving success, that they forget to have some fun along the way.  So this video is a reminder to have some fun, what ever that means to you.  For Wayne, as well as time with the family, fun for him involves flying and yachting, which also gives him a sense of achievement, but really it can be anything you enjoy.  Wayne also cautions, “Don’t wait until you have the time to start having some fun activities on a regular basis.  Instead MAKE THE TIME.  Also don’t wait until it’s too late.  Health and life are fragile.  Most of us don’t realize how important health is until we no longer have it.”  In 2009 Wayne was diagnosed with cancer and like many people he is happy and now “lives with cancer”.  He values every day and now never postpones until tomorrow what can be done today.

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