This little video explains why ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.  It explores “7 Rules of Success in Life”.
A Harvard University Study concluded many decades ago that 80% of our success (or failure) in life will always be determined by our attitude.  So what this means is, that even though we may lack many of the natural attributes and skills to succeed with something, we can still succeed if we have the right attitude and mindset.  With the right attitude and motivation, we can learn all of the skills required to succeed.  It also means that if we have a lot of natural talent, and we are predisposed for success in certain areas, that this does not guarantee our success in these area.  We all know of talented people who have achieved only mediocre success in life, because they lacked the desire, the drive, and the interest to do any better.  They are not necessarily wrong in not pursuing these area of natural talent.  Again attitude determines the direction of our journey in life.

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