Anyone who is open minded enough to REALLY LISTEN to what Trump says in this very moving, State of The Union Address speech on Jan 30th 2018, and stop blindly believing the BS of main stream FAKE NEWS media, the Democrats and the other Trump haters in the USA, might actually really hear THE FACTS about what Trump has really achieved so far in his Presidency.

There is no denying these achievements, these are not just his opinions. They are FACTS. To continue to remain negative about Trump is straight out stupid! Very sad to see so many otherwise intelligent people, including many of my friends, just blindly following the rest of the SHEEPEOPLE believing all the crap being put out by main stream media, which has no basis in fact at all (eg. the Russian collusion). I now get my news from independent sources like INFO WARS and then compare this with the likes of CNN are saying, and then THINK FOR MYSELF. I’d suggest have a listen to what Alex Jones and his very professional team at INFOWARS has to say. It’s great to hear all of the wonderful POSITIVE NEWS that they report, which never gets through main stream media, because they are owned and controlled by large corporations who stand to lose big time as a result of the USA and the world economy improving so dramatically. Also the USA military industrial complex is in the business of war making and don’t want peace, and don’t want the progress that Trump is already making to avoid more wars and create more peace in the world. What Trump is doing is already having a positive impact of Australia and this will continue and I for one am grateful as we Aussies would probably already be involved in a war with Russia by now if Hillary Clinton had been elected.


It appears that Joe Kennedy did not hear any of President Trump’s speech as he drones on about about “this is not who we Americans are”.  Quite bizzare!


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