Getting To Decision Makers

This video was recorded during a live workshop with Wayne Berry.  He explains how to ask questions and find out what the decision making process is with a prospects and who the decision makers are, the decision influencers etc .  It’s very important to involve the decision makers early.

Go to the top when prospecting

It’s not always easy to get to decision makers when prospecting.  Wayne Berry explains that this is a good things because it means your competitors will likely give up and instead prospect at a lower level.  However if you persist and can get through to the ultimate decision maker, you will be way ahead of […]

7 Things You Need To Know About Getting To Decision Makers

Wayne Berry explains in this video why it is so important to get to the real decision maker or decision makers.  If they are hard for you to get to then it’s hard for your competitors, but if you do deal with the decision maker, your chance of getting a good decision will more often […]

How To Use Email Newsletters

Wayne Berry was a pioneer using email newsletters way before most people and companies did.  They actually replaced Wayne’s paper new letters (Top Gun Sales and Sales Management Tips) that he had mailed for years before emails were invented.  He explains how they should SELL NOTHING but simply EDUCATE and HELP clients by providing great […]

Don’t Wait For Perfection (The Gladys Knight Story)

In the mid 1990s Wayne Berry presented on a multi speaker tour of Australia and South East Asia.  That speaker line up included James Rohn, Rev Robert Schuler, and Les Brown.  Wayne met Gradys Knight of Motown fame (Gladys Knight and the Pips) at dinner on the first night of the tour.  She was married […]

A New Model for Selling

Selling has changed!  In this video Wayne Berry explains how selling has changed and why today’s professional sales people and business people are using a NEW and much improved model for selling and building long term successful businesses.