5 Ways To Recruit Good People

Recruiting team members is one of the most important functions of a great leader or manager.  In this video Wayne Berry shares 5 ideas with you on how to attract and recruit good people to your team.

When Is The Best Time for Sales Meetings?

Is there a good time for Sales Meetings?  Wayne Berry believes there is and explains his ideas here and why he feels sales meetings and all other types of team meetings are important.  The structure, the timing etc all need to be professional and consistent week after week.

When Negotiating, Never Give Concessions Always Trade Them!

In this video Wayne Berry explains that too often concessions are made when negotiating, and made too easily, that this behavior then encourages the other party to ask for even more concessions.  In this video Wayne explains how to avoid creating this type of situation and how trading concession rather than giving them away is […]

The Secrets of Closing The Sale

In this video Wayne Berry explains that the real “Secret To Closing The Sale” is, that it has everything to do with what you’ve done BEFORE and very little to do with how you ask.  Yet for decades the emphasis by most sales trainers (not Wayne Berry) has been on the “50 clever tricky ways […]

The Confirmation Close

There are many different ways to ask for a commitment, sometimes called “Closing The Sale”.  This is one that Wayne Berry likes to call “The Confirmation Close”.  It’s simple and effective.