Spend Time With Those Who Deserve It

In this video Wayne Berry shares some ideas from James Rohn about where to invest your time in training and developing your people.  This idea is counter intuitive to the way most people think.

Closing From The Heart!

Closing should NOT about clever tricky high pressure tactics.  Wayne Berry explains in this video from a “live” workshop that if we feel in our heart what we have recommended to our clients will benefit them, then we certainly should ask them to make the commitment to themselves to now take the action needed to […]

Why we should avoid cliche words

In this video Wayne Berry explains why we should avoid cliche words.  Some cliche words actually annoy people and sometimes this is generational.   For example anyone over 60 is likely to be irritated by a young person who calls them “Bro” or “Bud”.  It will seem fine to the young person but overly familiar to […]

4 Questions to Ask That Get You More Testimonials

In this video Dale Beaumont, CEO of Business Blue Print and BRiN shares some great ideas on how to obtain powerful testimonials.   He also explains why they are more powerful in most cases than any other from of testimonial, except perhaps for having a customer talk directly with one or more of your prospects.  Are […]

Promises Promises Promises!

In this video Wayne Berry talks about making promises and asks “Are you keeping ALL of your promises?”    He explains why keeping small promises builds trust and rapport that can lead to a new customer and why forgetting about small promises which you may not think are really important, destroys trust.  He gives a […]