Great Leaders Take 100% Responsibility!

Great Leadership understand the importance of taking 100% responsibility for very outcome, good and bad in their life.  Wayne Berry believe that great leaders also teach this to their team and develop this philosophy as one of the most important planks of their team culture.

Closing From The Heart!

Closing should NOT about clever tricky high pressure tactics.  Wayne Berry explains in this video from a “live” workshop that if we feel in our heart what we have recommended to our clients will benefit them, then we certainly should ask them to make the commitment to themselves to now take the action needed to […]

The Magic of YET!

If you ever find yourself saying “I can’t do that!” or “That’s not me!” then you need to watch this video and discover how to deliberately remove this self limiting belief and negative affirmation.  In this video Wayne Berry explains how to change it all with one short word.

Take 100% Responsibility When You Stuff Up!

We all make mistakes and “stuff up” at various time in our life.  The question is what do we do when we do have one of these “learning experiences”?  The average person ignores the situation, or blames someone else or “circumstances beyond their control”.  In this video Wayne Berry explains what the successful do when […]

JIM ROHN: Get Serious!!

One of Wayne Berry’s first mentors was Jim Rohn.  Wayne brought Jim to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia many times in the 1980s to share his inspiring seminars and workshops.  Wayne was motivated to share what had changed his life forever at age 27.  If you’d like a shot of inspiring motivation you’ve […]

Why we should avoid cliche words

In this video Wayne Berry explains why we should avoid cliche words.  Some cliche words actually annoy people and sometimes this is generational.   For example anyone over 60 is likely to be irritated by a young person who calls them “Bro” or “Bud”.  It will seem fine to the young person but overly familiar to […]